Bounty Homes Corp.


2016-2017 Single Family Home KISS-12 Crowdfund

Fund paying 12% fixed interest

Fund capped and closed at $ 3 Million Invested

Bounty Homes Development & Real Estate Investment Corp is excited to announce our 2016-2017 Opportunistic Investment Opportunity Kiss-12% Crowdfund Offering.

Following our company KISS (Keep it Short & Simple) guide, this offering is presented in simple form and simple terms. Local banks, now bought out by bigger banks, provided funding for the first 20 years. For the past 13 years, our projects have been funded by one single investor. Said investor has retired and this opportunity is now available to the general public.

Minimum Investment $ 2,500

We have 10+ single family lots of land under contract and are offering shares for our 2016-2017 build-out programming.

  • All of the lots are permit and shovel ready.
  • None of the lots require blasting (although that is a task that our company can complete)
  • All of the homes are between 2100 and 3100 square feet.
  • All of the homes are smart homes and HERS certified.
  • All of the homes and lots are simple construction homes in very desirable locations.

We are offering investment shares at Twelve (12%) percent on a two-year promissory note.

This is NOT a convertible note. We will pay back the invested funds plus 12 percent interest with 24 months from the date your funds clear our bank.

  • We will be very active communicating and sharing progress with this offering.
We buy shovel ready raw land on the North of Boston; a sizzling market. We have perfected the KISS model and build homes. We keep it easy, pay our investors 12% and move to the next deal. #makemoneyInvest Now