Bounty Homes Corp.

Company Overview

Bounty Homes Corp and President Daniel J Dandreo III have been successfully developing properties, building, selling, and managing opportunistic residential and commercial real estate in the North of Boston area since 1983.

Opportunistic, but SAFE Crowdfunding Investments.

Introducing the KISS-12 Crowdfund investment offering a 2-year promissory note paying 12% annual return

We are an opportunistic real estate investment company. We buy raw permitted house and building lots in great locations. We use our KISS principal to instantly make a house appear. We have perfected the cycle from start to finish and for our company; developing real estate is a simple process. Using our KISS process, houses are completed and to the market in 12 weeks from start to finish.

We have developed and constructed more than 250 single family homes, and have built over 5 miles of road in many new subdivisions. Bounty Homes Corp has developed restaurants, bakeries, banks, and office space. We have renovated over 100,000 square feet of office space and more than 1000 apartments. We provide consultation service to public and private lenders.

Bounty Homes is different, because we are in-house developers, have expert first-hand experience at every phase of the investment cycle; from locating prospective projects, to funding projects, to implementing and executing an expedited streamlined building process. Our 33 years of experience simplifies the process. We can identify and avoid problem properties. Our focus is on prime locations.  Location, Location, Location. We are experts at location evaluation and use local real estate experts to assist or valuations as needed.

Using our years of experience we have perfected the process of buying, building, and selling real estate and are considered by many to be one of the top real estate developers in our area. Get on board. Text or call us at 978-594-3259 or email us @

We buy shovel ready raw land on the North of Boston; a sizzling market. We have perfected the KISS model and build homes. We keep it easy, pay our investors 12% and move to the next deal. #makemoneyInvest Now