Bounty Homes Corp.

Disclosure Sheet

Bounty Homes Corp’s Development & Real Estate 2016-2017 KISS-12 Investment Fund Offering is a debt free real estate fund, owning its properties “free and clear”, eliminating the risk of foreclosure on the properties by a financial institution or mortgage holder in the event of a financial downturn. Investors in this fund are not subordinate to any mortgage or financing debt. There are no upfront fees, commissions or annual costs (no load) for investors. 100% of your money goes into the investment.

The offering is a two-year term loan which commences and matures 2-years s at midnight of the next business day from when the investor’s funds clear our bank.

Bounty Homes Corp will pay 12% guaranteed interest in a lump sum on the investors funds There is no early withdrawal from the two year investment, however, your investment may be paid back along with the 12% interest prior to the maturity date.

Bounty Homes is not a lender. Bounty Homes Corp is a principal developer, owner, and manager of all properties the funds in which the funds are invested.

The 2016-2017 KISS-12 Investment Fund Offering will close once the $ 3,000,000 has been received and funds have cleared our bank. Funds will be immediately returned to Investors without interest for those sending funds after the fund has reached its goal and is closed.

We buy shovel ready raw land on the North of Boston; a sizzling market. We have perfected the KISS model and build homes. We keep it easy, pay our investors 12% and move to the next deal. #makemoneyInvest Now